Harman Kardon receiver amp copy (clon) ?

Hi all, i have TDA1541 OS DAC and i need cheap high quality low powered SS amp "kit" for the DAC. I like the sound of the new Harman Kardon receivers, they have very clean sound almost like tube amplifiers with strong bass, is it possible to copy the amplifier, or any kit (high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth) amplifier?
I am total new in SS amplifiers so i don´t know much about them. HK seems crisp, i know it is not match for good tube amp but didn´t affected on me so flat like most SS amps. SS amp only need for practical reasons, i want inbuild it into the DAC so size and weignt is limiting factor. I need transfer the dac, tube amp is unsuitable for it. Thanks for the advice, i will look on these kits.
I happened upon the schematic for the AVR146 power amp section today, then searched diya and found this thread, thought I should post it here for others to see. A bit different and interesting arrangement: LTP with plenty of degeneration, concertina phase inverter and emitter followers driving complementary symmetry VAS, no vbe multiplier. The outputs are darlingtons.


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