Hameg HM1007-1 Dig. Scope Question

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Hello measurement folks,

so far I had used the HM1007-1 in its analogue display mode only and too phone-photos for results sharing, but this is really awkward! The HM1007-1 does have a digital storage mode, though, which I'm currently exploring, in order to potentially save measurement results digitally. Well, I am getting to an obviously digitised display when pressing the according button, so this works, "the data" obviously exist in the scope...

My question: Is there any known way how to access and download the digitised picture data, e.g. through the connector on the backside of the scope?

I'd be very grateful for advice or links to further helpful information.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for the interesting link! Great work there! Well, I'm very unsure if I'd be able to successfully build this, though... And: Just too many other unfinished projects going. I had - naively - hoped for something "plug-and-play".

Thanks and greetings,
Hi folks,

just a quick one regarding my solution.

Instead of breaking my neck and heart over getting the data out of the scope ;) , I had a nicely working Idea to at least get good scope trace screenshots: I fasten my smart phone with a clamp and aim it perpendicularly to the scope display center. This way I can take screenshots quite nicely, either of a running trace or of a digitally stored trace. An example is attached with which I'm quite satisfied, actually.



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Hi Winfried,
your smartphone solution is really smart :)
HM1007_deutsch.pdf section M23 tells me that your scope should have some interfaces which can be used to transfer data to a pc when scope is in storage mode.
I use Hameg software SP107E_v302 to connect to my HM407 via RS-232 - should work with HM1007, too.
Pls contact my in case you need further help.




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Hi folks,

Ulli's suggestion has now resulted in the purchase of a (used) original HO97-4 interface (mentioned in the HM1007 manual), even coming with the original power supply. I've got a hold of the software package as well. So, this topic may end up in a great alternative to the mobile phone stand or "having to" buy a digital scope. Hoping I'll be successful in plugging everything together and make it work...

Thanks Ulli!
To those who may be interested... ;) :)

With several hours of effort with help from a german electronics forum I have successfully retrieved measument results pictures from the HM1007 through the HO97-4 Interface. For anyone who may benefit I'm sharing how it works:

  • Establish a RS232 Connection (9600bd, 8bit, 1stop, no parity, Xon/Xoff)
  • Start a Terminal App. I'm using "HTerm" which needs to be configured (see attached cfg-file)
  • Make all steps displaying the analog measurement you want to capture
  • Switch on HM1007 DigMode
  • Set the "Reference" store
  • Press "Single shot" to capture a ScreenShot in the Scope's memory
  • Start HTerm Download with "DIG" command in the "Input Control" field
  • Save „Received Data“ in „RAW“ Format with the „Save Output“ button as „*.plt" file (data are in HPGL vektorgraphics for plotter)
  • Use „https://anyconv.com/plt-to-pdf-converter/“ and upload the *.plt file, start conversion and download the resulting (large) file
  • Transfer the PDF-file from „Downloads“ your target folder and just rename *.pdf in *.jpg
  • The picture is now visible and editable, has about 5kx5k b/w pixels
  • You can now edit (to resize the picture e.g. with MS Paint or edit in the x and y scales parameters)
Attached is a resized and edited screenshot example. Well, this is not quite what Ulli (modmix) gets from his SP107 Software, but that does not support the HM1007, unfortunately. At this point in time I'm content with the (somewhat complex but working ;)) solution found and not ready (yet) to invest 400-600€ into a Hameg scope supported by the SP107 S/W ...



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Hi Mark,

thanks for the cudos :)

And yes, the resolution in analog mode ist pretty much limited by the trace width (depending on trace brightness as well), looking at the digital screen shot gives a sharper image, but the memory export plot is significantly better still.

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