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For the upcoming Burning Amp Festival I created a nice little 2nd Harmonic
Generator. It's similar to what the Korg Nutube does, but uses a Jfet.

I made up a nice batch of them to give away at BAF, and I'm telling you
about it now so you can book your flights, hire babysitters, etc.

You can read all about it at FIRST WATT WATT'S NEW


Thanks Mr Pass for H2 article writing, schematics and generosity!
Lucky Diyers who can be at BAF18 :D :D :D :D :D Kindest regards
...The first option is to buy some Triodes (for example low voltage 6922's) and some other parts plus the equipment to build and calibrate a single-ended gain stage with just the right amount of 2nd harmonic...

Funny you should mention that Nelson. That was originally the idea I had when I scored a stash of NOS Holland Amperex 6922 when the Mare Island nuclear submarine repair facility closed down.

Thankfully a few years ago after experiencing FirstWatt in person, I realized I no longer needed to deal with the frustration of chasing the schematics and antique equipment that would provide the sound I wanted.

I sold sold all my 6922's and made a tube diyer ecstatic. I've never looked back! :D

The H2 looks like a fun toy to play with. It should make lots of diyers very happy!:cheers:
I personally think that this is a trick best played only once in the audio chain, so if you already have a SET amp or some other component with lots of 2nd harmonic, you want to temper your expectations when used with this also. Or maybe you want to hear what your SET sound like with the 2nd harmonic cancelled......
This is a very interesting part. I think many SET users are using SE preamp or SE driver stage, but how do they deal with H2 in their whole signal chain? Must be a black art.
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