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GB For Salas I-Select Mesmerize Type input selector and volume control

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This is slightly OT, so I tried to PM this. Most likely user error on my part, but ... it was saying that none of your IDs could be found. :unsure:

Hi Salas / Tea-Bag / Giovanni:

@Salas / @Tea-Bag - If I might jump in to try and help Giovanni. He's been working on selecting initial building blocks for his BA-3 pre-amp. I'm a bit of a novice also, so I suggested that he reach out to experts for a few things.

Many people have used the I-select in a BA-3 pre. However, his build deviates a bit from 'the norm'.

His build (currently) would have a dual mono PSU arrangement and run with +/- 30VDC rails from 30VAC transformers. The PSU selected has a chunk of voltage drop / heat.

Onto the questions -

1) Powering the I-select from the secondaries is a no-go (>22VAC). DC supply is regulated. +/- 30VDC target. I assume this will be perfectly fine, but since it's on the border of the spec, I suggested that he ask if there were any other considerations to be made when using a 30VDC supply. Anything to consider?

2) With a dual mono arrangement, is it OK to run the I-Select from just "one half" of one of the PSUs? One PSU would have a (very slightly) bigger load than the other, and we only need the positive DC supply. Again, I assume that this is perfectly fine, but I thought it should be confirmed. This likely relates more to the BA-3 performance / PSU performance than that of the I-Select, but I thought it was worth asking. Any better way to arrange it? Bad idea altogether? Thoughts?

Thanks for the help!

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1) It uses LM7812 that has 35V input max so 30V are still safe. Consumption is low, as much as one 12V relay draws (8-12mA). No excessive heat on the LM even in this high 18V Vin-Vout difference situation.

2) Its ok to power it from one mono side's PSU. If you will meet hum problems connect the LM's power ground to the signal ground at the I-Select board. Relay's coil can develop non related wide loop area over the contacts ground reference area and attract interference in some builds. In that way you solve it.
@ItsAllInMyHead Ciao Patrick, so very nice of you to help me to the point to post the right questions in this thread, I could have never figured it out what to ask, so far it seems I can take the necessary juice from one of the PSUs (if I go for a dual mono) give the consumption being so low it should not affect the BA-3 board.

@Salas molte grazie for clarifying this, molto apprezzato 👍

Question now being, how do I get the I-Select? Still available to order?

Grazie a tutti

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Good afternoon!
After having successfully integrated a remote-controlled volume-control (in a DCG3), I of course want more (who doesn't?).

I am thinking about accomplishing the remote-part, and have the source selector working with it too, and that's where it gets complicated/impossible, as the controller is integrated in the volume-control-thing, and the source-selection is throuch i-Select, and I surely would want all to be controlled through that one apple-remote.

Ignoring any "details", how would I remote-control the source-switching procedure of a i-Select?

But then, am I correct in assuming that I'd need to find a way to access the controller to which the infrared-receiver is connected to? And if, instead of that highly integrated jig of Elma, I had a motorized alps-pot, how would I control both volume and sources through one remote? Are there existing project for that?

Thank you.
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Just a notice.
The Group Buy will be closing on April 2 2023.
To those who signed up on spreadsheet, and private message with details has been sent.
For those who I have email address, invoices have been sent.
Please let me know if there are any questions prior to the group buy closure time, and pay accordingly.