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GB For Salas I-Select Mesmerize Type input selector and volume control

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The I-Select board takes the selector functionality and volume control from the old mesmerize boards and implements in a standalone fashion.

This gives one a relay based selector control, relays perform reliably with great longevity and have superior electrical isolation characteristics.

This can also act as a standalone passive preamplifier, or be tied to the input of the DCB1, DCG3 or any other type of input for that matter.

The boards are $16.00

I am making a minikit available for this. It will come with no volume control, 4 inputs and a selector switch. However, read the guide, there are other ways to set this up to gather off a previous DC output voltage, and to power another unit if need be. So this is just a 'basic' type kit. More relays available on request.

4-EA2-12NJ-12V relays
1-EEU-FC1V222-Panasonic FC 35v 2200uf
1-Molex 2P Terminal Block Black
1-Headers & Wire Housings HSG 7P SINGLE ROW
1-Headers & Wire Housings 7P STRT 1 ROW GOLD 5.5MM MATING PIN
4-Headers & Wire Housings 3P STRT 1 ROW GOLD 6.8MM MATING PIN
4-Headers & Wire Housings HSG 3P SINGLE ROW NON-POLARIZED
25-Headers & Wire Housings 22-24 TERMINAL BULK
1-Wakefield 637-10ABPE heatsink
1-7812 voltage regulator
1-Rotary Switches ROTARY 2POL 6POS NS Alpha
1-Vishay MBB Through Hole .6w 10k 1% 50ppm
1-Kemet Film Capacitors .1uF 100volts 5%
1-20ma LED


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The GB for the Salas boards is open for payment up until 11:59PM EST 06/26/2016.

Payment is via PayPal invoice only in US dollars. You will need to send me your paypal email via private message for me to start this process. Then I will invoice the parts you requested from the spreadsheet. If you reply to this email - cut out some of the existing text, otherwise the message is too big.;)

Customs forms
DO NOT ask for me to fudge up a customs form with really low amount. These are based on a reasonable wholesale price.


In general boards are a set costs, and mini kits are built into the shipping costs and larger full kits are 10.00-12 to ship. Starting price for shipping is 8.00 for just a small board and can rise from there.

The boards will ship around 2-3 weeks after the GB closes typically. The boards need to be ordered, I don't have them on hand.

Relay based selector board with volume pot input for preamplifier 16.00

GB Thread below

MiniKit BOM section. This links goes to full details of all the parts included in the kits and there respective positions on the board.