Garrard 210 record changer - head shell


I've successfully restored a PYE Stereo Black Box Model G63 which has a Garrard 210 record changer. Although it works fine it doesn't have the correct head shell - the one I have fitted is cream, 3 pin and made for the RC 121.

What I need is the correct head sell - white, 4 pin and with a black lifting hook.
Hi Donald.

Two headshells are available on ebay at buy it now prices of £39 and £47. Sounds a lot, but no more than for other vintage headshells.

The link wires are also available on ebay - just search "headshell wires" - 5 cm is the average length.


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I see no "broken pin".

I do see a single push on cartridge connector in the image - the type that is at each end of the headshell wires that you have bought.

The box would have originally included four of these in case the user needed new headshell wire terminations.
Almost there BUT ....

The pins on both the replacement cartridge and head shell are much larger than the connectors on the connecting wires - tried to open them up manually but they just keep breaking!

Is there such a thing as connecting wires with larger diameter connectors, are there specific Garrard connectors or do I just persevere/be more careful and maybe consider soldering?!
It appears that cartridge/headshell connectors are not all the same size.

A £4.40 set on Amazon fits 1.2 to 1.3 mm pins on cartridge or headshell (which the seller claims is what all standard mount cartridges utilise).

Can you measure the diameters of the pins on both the cartridge and headshell accurately?
Headshell pins are 1.5mm, cartridge pins are 1.35mm - so that's problematic!

I can probably 'persuade' a new set of connectors to fit the cartridge pins but may have to resort to soldering the headshell pins - don't worry my soldering iron won't be going anywhere near the cartridge pins.