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FS: PCBs for passive 2-way crossover

This passive crossover

CUTOFF frequency depends of parts values and is variable.

Layout of PCB. Dimentions - 170*100mm
May be used with up to 700W speaker system.

PCB has universal to use with different elements sizes. Also is possible to change cutoff freq and attemnuation adding or removing parallel capacitors.



And - final look ^)

For sale:
2pcs - 10$+shipping (about 4,5$)
6pcs - 26$+shipping (about 6$)

PCB only, not assembled!

Exapmle of assembled (with video of testing!) in my blog article (used cheap, not MKP capacitors for demo only).
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Crossover freq?
About 1.5kHz... Forgot fine value.
It is VARIABLE! May be changed in range 800Hz - 3KHz changing by selection of capacitors.

You have only 6?
Now - yes. But if You need more - I could order manufacturing of needen number and for one-two weeks send You.

Did you go to blog and watch video with testing? ))
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