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FS: MW16TX-8 1pair

In perfect condition, measured and played for a few months.
EU, PayPal, 300Euro/pair

Used in Shamal project, see the measurements....:


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Yes I did, here is the link:

Shamal sounded almost perfect, unfortunately almost. Knowing sound and character of Scan Speak woofers I knew what to expect, and this was again the case where Scan Speak and SB/Satori are not a good match. I have to admit TX is better to my ears then P and actually it could make nice 2way with TX tweeter. But with scanspeak woofer it somehow makes lower midrange muddy, bass sounds very deep and slow. I spent ages measuring, making crossover adjustments etc. And I gave up, this was not the first time, but it was the last time I tried Satori and Scan Speak in one loudspeaker. Ellips-A, 21W 6600WG, ClassIllu, Illu3...they all had scanspeak woofers and sounded right, and I had the same expectations from Shamal. I decided to make adaptors and implement 15M Revelator, that is the plan for coming months.
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Read the whole thread - very interesting, thanks for sharing your work!
I experienced something similar with ScanSpeak 8" of my main speakers vs. SB Acoustics 10" Woofer - the SB Acoustics where more "tight", ScanSpeak more "black" but not as precise. Both where EQed with DSP but totally different position in the room, so i don't overestimate these personal results.
But in the new version of the speaker 2 SB34NRXL75-8 will do the job as low driver up to 450Hz - looking forward to that ;-)

I'm also just working on a MW19TX and Bliesma T25B + Wavegudie combination. Hoping for some good midrange ;-)
First prototype is in process - final version will also be CNC routet. A lot of similar points in our projects!
It's always good to see that other people come to similar solutions for the same problem - can't be totally wrong ;-)

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Me too! :geek:
But I'm bussy with an other project at the moment, can't wait to do these measurements but it will take a while. I'm not a friend of hard steps anywhere on the baffle cause I sometimes need to design speakers for very high frequencies and there you see every little bump.
So that's my compromise to get them closer together.