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FS: MJK H-Frames with Eminence Alpha 15a Drivers

I putting up my trust H-Frames. These were designed by Martin J King, and are great OB woofers - they are something of a standard around here. I've had these a few years, but am not using them anymore. I think shipping would be a pain, but willing to try (the dimensions are about 16" by 16" by 17" each). I'd like $90 for the pair, and located on the westside of Los Angeles. $10 discount if you pick-up. If you look close, you'll see a piece of tape on the surround, where a damb rabbit nibbled it.


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I'm very interested, but I'm on the other side of the country. I can't make out from the pictures how they are assembled - are they screwed together? I wonder if they could be disassembled to make shipping easier.

You know, the frames are glued, but the drivers are screwed. They could be shipped, but I'm not sure its worth the cost. Probably be like $25 a piece.