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FS: Many Parts from Adcom 565

Hi All,

A close friend recently returned a pair of Adcom 565 amps I donated for his use a long time ago. Sadly the reason he returned them was not good, one had ceased functioning, continually blowing fuses, the other worked but generated prodigious amounts of heat. It seems both had fallen victim to the usual 565 problem of slowly dropping out of adjustment as caps failed and presumably vomited into the other components.

The dead one has been partially dismantled, and the heatsinks are now part of another project, but all the other parts are available if anyone has need for them.

The last time I took one of these apart there was a lot of interest in the transformer, slow start circuit, caps etc.

So at this point I have:

10 pairs of 2SD424 & 2SB554
2 x 22000uF/120v
Big toroid (2kva?)
Main audio circuit board
Soft start circuit board
Chassis parts

I'm listing values from memory, the amp is back in it's box, so I can't look at the caps etc to be sure.

Let me know if you want anything and we can come to an arrangement. I'd advise sending me an email, I won't necessarily be checking the board frequently.