Found Honeybadger Modified version for Less voltage without parts details 🥴


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If anyone have parts details or bom file plz share


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How about asking the person who posted the design you show? See if they took a schematic and actual made a working amplifier. Lots more to making an amp than just posting a schematic, like the physical design aspects including chassis etc. The schematic in many cases is the easy part especially if it’s based on a working design but you do not know that just looking at a schematic.

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#rsavas. That's gonna work but time consuming, error will b 100% and then correction of error again time consuming, and if I do any mistake then u know what gonna happen with thos parts 🤣🤣 plug and play solution is just assemble and use 😉
Okay, looks like a working and tested amp, I did not translate the text, might be a good idea to simulate it, something else to learn maybe.
Looks like he took ideas from Doug Self, OS, Bob Cordell, etc, options for TMC compenstation , no capacitor values :) incomplete documentation, too bad, ask the author to share ?

Good Luck
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