Fosgate MOSFET cant find any info?


2013-04-13 4:53 pm
ok gmarsh your simple request has heralded great results,
I found this here post and realized I was reading the component wrong




2013-04-13 4:53 pm
here is a photo of another Rockford I have had for 15 years,


I ordered the caps for this last week, first ones came back half the size I needed but they had the same spec's 333 25v had to reorder some 25mm tall guess you can tell im very green even at 50 years old, I picked up my first breadboard and a very nice

Tektronix 2245A 100Mhz 4 channel Oscilliscope
just need to learn how to use it
:D :D
Hi Tekko,
I always thought the role of the angry old man is mine!
Today I found my master.

Anyway, true. Ebay is a high risk source for semiconductors.
Still, I bought a bunch of LM4562 on ebay and measured step response (config for step response: non inverting gain = 4) and noise (gain=1000) and offset (gain = 1000) in direct comparison vs my samples which I directly ordered from TI.
==> Identical noise and step response. Slightly worse offset with the ebay types, but easily in spec. Seems like this ebay purchase was not counterfeit.

Wishing you good luck.
You will need it with the MosFets and also regarding the likelihood that not only the MosFets might be blown, but also other components.


2013-04-13 4:53 pm
About 80-90% chance of those beeing counterfeit. Never ever buy power mosfets off of ebay!!!
I guess for the low price I can use these for breadboard project, from the photo they dont look like the cheap counterfeit, but lets see what shows up. the seller has some questionable feedback but none for these components. don't know if I can tell the difference even when I get them.:rolleyes: