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For sale: Hypex NC400 module and SMPS 600

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Hypex NC400 Amplifier Module and SMPS 600 Power Supply (one of each).

Comes with all cables, mounting screws and in original packages.
Units were used by me in a test amplifier, built just to experience the Hypex sound, units were used for about 2 weeks. Both modules worked and sounded good.

Original cost of around $770 included the original unit prices, hypex shipping and transaction fee and the customs charge on receiving the items - which any US purchaser would have to pay if buying from Hypex

Asking $640, via paypal, and will include USPS shipping to anywhere in the US
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Thanks for the interest, I have answered all PMs.

Regarding the sound I did like it and think they will make really good amps. Basically the various impressions from this forum and audiocircle were spot on though while bass was tight and deep I have heard better from some SS. The detail/resolution etc. was very good though. The difference between what I heard and my IcePower 1000 ASP mono blocks was not enough though for me to consider selling the IcePower amps and building a pair of NC400 based monos.

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