Firstwatt F1J


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2005-02-27 8:07 am
Din pacate... am o problema.
Credeam că SS120R100 de la TeaBag a venit selectat cu Vgs 1.22.
Acum am decis să măsor cu CurveTracer.
Nu prea ma potrivesc... :strigăt:


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2005-02-27 8:07 am
General description This output shield is made especially for the MIRAND Audio AK4490 USB Audio DAC, but it can be used for all dacs’s having a voltage output, preferable differential out. The module is completely discrete and all stages runs in Class A. All outputs are Singleended class A equal to the frontend opamp on TSSA V2/V4/V8 control board Key specifications  Supply voltage : +/-15VDC  DC offset: <20mV dc  Single ended and balanced output.  Gain from balanced input to output : +6dB  Input impedance : 3.24Kohm per diff input  Discrete SSR for transparent mute circuit.  Size (WxLxH): 71x110x20mm (With molex connector)

3V96rms from your source

+8db from Iron Pumpkin, which is 2.51V/V
means you have 9V94rms alowable to crank your F1 to full power

original F1 is having gain of 14db, which is tad above 4V/V .......... precisely 5V/V

declared power of [email protected] is 8V94rms ............ that means - you have plenty of gain at disposal

feel free to start with Iron Pumpkin set to 0db gain ........ amp needs 8V94/(5V/V) = 1V78rms at input, for full blast