Favorite Threads and Posts in "Loudspeakers"

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Favorite Threads and Posts in this Forum

This permanent thread is a place for links to threads or posts in this particular forum that are useful and/or exemplify the best of DIY Audio.

This is so others- especially newer members can find them. Feel free to post with these links and a brief comment on what the thread discusses. Occasionally the moderators will consolidate them into fewer posts.
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I would be biased, and agree with Cals first choice. What I thought would lead to a show and tell thread, went further than that. A lot of emotion, and revisited memories to many.

Another of my frequently visited threads is the full range driver pics:

This is a good starting place for newcomers, Used Full Range Drivers.

And this one, started by a newcomer, who was having a ball with old console drivers.

Line Array Systems

While it started out as a discussion on MY line arrays, and it got occasionally vociferous, it went for more than 116 posts, and almost 8000 views.

Its still the longest running discussion on designing and building of line arrays on this forum anyhow.


A second close one was on comb filter distortion in line arrays at:


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This is about the "poo-pooing" of subjective comments, comments which are frankly *central* to a forum like this.

I'm putting this one in here for myself - just so that I can find it again, because I'm fairly certain I'll need to link to it to convey the same message all over again.


(10th post down on the page.)


Is this the post you mean?


Where the URL you have given will not be what is expected fro anyone that has the number of posts/page set to a different value than you have.