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Presenting the documentation for the F5m appearing shortly in the store.

The Essentials kit consists of the Jfets and Mosfets plus two channels of pc board and 1 power supply pc board.

The Completion kit is everything else except chassis, power transformer, rear panel connectors/switch/ac inlet.

The kit is designed around several chassis available in the store, but is fairly agnostic.

Attached is the article I wrote for this project, and this is the support thread.


2/11/2024 After testing by member 6L6, I revised the power supply layout and made an additional
note about the power supply thermistors with higher output stage biasing. The revised article is labeled
R1, and both are attached below.

Update Alert: It turns out that the insulators we bought were not very insular. Not a disaster in general
but a problem if your heat sinks are bare metal. Different pads are available for this.

See the details in post 1,003 of this thread.

Also note 4/21/2024 revision of the power supply board. :snail:


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How am I going to convince wife of another amp:unsure:

You don't have to show it to her.... until the rack if full... hmm.. where did THAT come from?

Hint, keep the payments on stuff in bunches... 500 bucks or so.. whatever works in keeping it under the radar. And then make sure the amps are all in the same style of boxes.... rotate them in and out of the closet, make sure they're not all together in the same place at the same time.

Never let her count up to 30... then you'll be toast. I got caught with six in the rack(s)... oops...

if worse comes to worse, put a big ribbon on it and a bouquet of roses ( Costco has great prices) and wish her "Happy Valentine's"...

Do they have Costco in the Philippines?
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around 40dB feedback.... in Spice.


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