Exposure output devices?

From very recent experience reviving a XX integrated.

1. [email protected] is very helpful.

2. EXP002N/Ps are the output transistors. Originals are made by Semelab to Expo specs and can still be ordered from Expo service. Else venerable MJ15003/4 should fit. Newer MJ15022/3 works for me. If you're truly adventurous, you can try newest MJ21193/4. Risk: Oscillation. Reward: Better sound.

3. EXP8N/P are not output but part of regulated amp supply. You can use the same devices as the output transistors.

4. Need to check/replace ztx452/552 pairs, diodes and resistors upstream as well when repairing blown channel(s).



2008-12-26 10:00 pm
Have you actually replaced the original devices with the MJ15003/4? Or is it just a guess? Would MJ21193/4 yield better sound even though they operate on the same bandwidth (4mhZ)? Thanks for the advice.
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