ESL Step Up Transformers

I wanted to see if there is any interest in toroidal ESL step up transformers. I have more than I will need for my projects.

These potted transformers replicate the Final 0.3 transformer design. I have had very good success with them. Following are characteristics of this transformer:

Turns Ratio = 1:70:70 (1:140 overall)
Primary Inductance = 1.0 mH (min)

Primary Wires: Red, Black
Secondary Wires: Blue, Yellow (neutral), White

Dimensions = 3.18" (d), 1.54" (h)

Red:Black = .705 ohms (nominal)
Blue:Yellow = 85 ohms (nominal)
Yellow:White = 85 ohms (nominal)​

Leakage Inductance:
Red:Black = 5.0 uH (max)
Blue:White = short​

A picture is also attached to this post showing what the transformer looks like.

As I mentioned, I have enough of these transformers to support a number of other projects, provided you don't require production volumes ;-)



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