équivalent de VC5022

Good evening, I seek an equivalent circuit has VC5022 or scheme equivalent or method is to bypass circuit (for amp JVC A-X30)

As per your request, equivalent schematic(s) attached...I guess the right one for your amp is the 1st one...good luck!


  • VC5022 ver.1 JVC.pdf
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  • VC5022 ver.2 JVC.pdf
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2009-11-20 8:57 pm
Hi .. I am looking for a VC5022 SIP, anyone tried the Chinese VC5022 part available online? I'm reluctant to order one as I have had bad experiences with Chinese parts in the past.
I would guess it is about 50/50 if you order from China. Not necessarily the most faked chip out there, but could still be bad or fake.

Anyway I have 4 used ones if you want.