EQ1616D Phono Amp

Miles Davis "Someday My Prince Will Come" (Columbia / old NAB curve) 1961

"Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers" (AES curve) 1958

Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" (Columbia / old NAB curve) 1959


Sonny Rollins: A Night At The "Village Vanguard" (AES Curve) 1957

Playing LP with the proper curve will make a big difference in the strength of the sound to anyone listening, especially the freshness of the mid-high range,

Since the sound quality of the LP differs depending on the label and recording , the SV-EQ1616D cannot only turn on / off the roll-off (high frequency level attenuation
characteristic) of 1 kHz or more, but also can make fine adjustments when the roll-off is ON. Since it is also possible to control the tone, you can enjoy each LP with the
optimum sound quality.

That is pure rubbish. Both Columbia and Blue Note had changed to RIAA long before these LPs were issued.
Whether it is a rubbish or not I do not know. I am not an LP expert. Everyone's cup of tea is different. just like you want whiskey. I want red wine. If you drink tea, you will add salt... it depends on one's taste. There is no right or wrong or rubbish. The most important is to make you feel better with the sound.

I translated the info from Sunvalley's Japanese website. This is purely Mr. Ohashi's suggestion to set the curve to listen to these LPs. (No doubt, I trust his taste.)

RIAA is the normal setting...
If you look at the bottom right-hand corner of the back of the Sonny Rollins LP you will see the phrase "Users of Wide Range equipment should adjust their controls for RIAA Curve".
Columbia stated explicitly in the booklet accompanying their LP introducing stereo sound that all Columbia stereo LPs conformed to the RIAA standard.
It's not a matter of taste.
I have an original of the Blue Note Art Blakey and it has the same statement as the Sonny Rollins I also attach Columbia's statement about their stereo LPs - both of the Miles Davis LPs are stereo.

Columbia Stereo (1).jpg [/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
Wonder where you get this accuracy & truth crap? Mr. Ohashi accurately described which curves sounded best to him and truthfully reported same. You have Boris (but still talk and try to act like you have an empire) and we are, unfortunately, saddled with more years of trump (for which the entire world will suffer). Let it go. You've had your say.
In post no. 38 Mr Ohashi (via Mr Kung) says that the proper curve for the Miles Davis "Someday my prince will come" and "Kind of blue" LPs is Columbia/Old NAB and for the 2 Blue Notes is AES. This is untrue as both labels had changed to cutting with RIAA iin 1955. It is not stated as a matter of taste, but as a matter of fact. That is why I call it untruthful and inaccurate.
On the theme of "crap", I don't give a sh*t for your opinion.