EQ1616D Phono Amp

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EQ1616D were nearly old out. The next production will be in July 2021. --> April Production was SOLD OUT.
The Next Production is July 2021.
If you want to reserve a unit of EQ1616D, please let me know.
Thank you for your support!!

Price $985.00 Kit
Assembled Version $1,585 with 2 VCAP ODAM 2.2 (assembled by Sunvalley Japan)

Stereophile Review - November 2020 edition
Gramophone Dreams #42: Sunvalley Audio SV-EQ1616D phono equalizer | Stereophile.com

Sunvalley SV- -EQ1616D 115/230V version (Point to Point Phono amp Kit)
Made in Japan

Price $985 KIT Version
Price $2,050 ASSEMBLED Version ( Assembled by SunValley Japan with tube set (Gold Lion ECC83/B759 X 2 + Brimar ECC82 X 1 + LINLAI/COSSOR WE 274B) + VCAP ODAM 2.2 X 2 (output Cap)
Price $1,585 (assembled version w/o tube set . VCAP ODAM 2.2 X 2 included) + shipping
Assembled Version

This kit does not come with tube set. The following 3 combinations are recommended.

(Plum set)
Gold Lion ECC83 / B759 x 3 + LINLAI 274B
Standard combination. Natural charm

(Bamboo set)
Gold Lion ECC83 / B759  x 3
WE 274B
Powerful midrange

(Pine set)
Gold Lion ECC83 / 12AX7  x 2
Brimar 12AU7 x 1
Cossor/Linlai WE274B x 1
Vcap ODAM 2.2uF [2 pieces] x 1
Superb harmonics

● Phono equalizer that emphasizes sound quality
● 2 input systems that are ideal for using 2 turntables
● Output: 1 system (MONO (L) / STEREO switchable) * MONO: L channel Input → L / R dual output
● Compatible with MM / MC cartridges (MC input: head amplifier) * MM: 47kΩ, MC: 20Ω to 50Ω
● Gain: MM35dB, MC + 22dB
* Gain can be selected according to the output voltage of the cartridge ( When HIGH / LOW) or LOW is selected -4dB (MM) /-2.5dB (MC)
● Vacuum tube: Amplification stage (V1 / V2): 12AX7, 2nd stage (V3): 12AX7, 12AU7, 12AT7 can be selected arbitrarily (according to your taste)
* The standard is all 12AX7, and if you want the smooth texture of high frequencies with a high output cartridge, 12AU7 is recommended only for V3 ( I have RCA clear TOP or Brimar to pick)
● Rectifier: Standard / diode module, option / various rectifier tubes (5AR4, 274B, 5R4 etc. can be used) ( I have LinLai 274B, WE274B, ACME 274B or ELROG 274B)
● Turnover frequency adjustment: Switchable
  → Compatible with RIAA, old AES, COLUMBIA / old NAB, LONDON, EU SP , US SP
  * Not only turnover frequency but also low frequency characteristics can be changed simultaneously according to each EQ curve.
● High-frequency roll-off adjustment: ON / OFF selection type
* When ON: Continuously variable (corresponding to all EQ curves), When OFF: No attenuation (for SP LP)
● Detail assembly guide included
● Assembly difficulty: ★★ ★★ ☆ (for intermediate to advanced)

Size mm (including protrusions): W250 x D225 x H135
Weight: 3.8 kg

UPgrade options:
Gold Lion (ECC83/B759 X 2 + Brimar ECC82 X 1) = 215

LinLai/Cossor WE274B $265

VCAP ODAM 2.2 X 2 $85 each

Sunvalley SV-Pre1616D Point to Point Prject

Lundahl MC Transformer will be available Soon... 3 versions with Amorphous core - Standard, OFC, or Silver .


YOU can use sold state RECTIFIER


Operation Manual 2 & 3

Circuit type: CR type phono equalizer
・ Input: 2 lines
・ Output: 1 system (STEREO / MONO switchable)
・ Corresponding cartridge: MM (47kΩ), MC (50Ω)
MC boost: FET head amplifier
・ Gain: MM36dB ~ 40dB, MC + 25 ~ 32dB (determined by prototype)
・ Vacuum tube: amplification stage: 12AX7 (2), follower stage: 12AX7, 12AU7, 12AT7 can be selected arbitrarily
・ Rectifier: Standard / diode module, option / various rectifiers (5AR4, 274B, 5R4, etc. can be used)
・ Turnover frequency adjustment: Switchable (supports RIAA, EU system SP panel, US system SP panel, AES, NAB, COLUMBIA, etc.)

・ High-frequency roll-off adjustment: ON / OFF selectable (When ON: Continuously variable RIAA and other curves are supported)
(Specifications are subject to change without notice)

Specification :

Phono + Line stage Amp (Filter - solid state diode or optional 5AR4)

Miles Davis "Someday My Prince Will Come" (Columbia / old NAB curve) 1961

"Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers" (AES curve) 1958

Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" (Columbia / old NAB curve) 1959

Sonny Rollins: A Night At The "Village Vanguard" (AES Curve) 1957

Playing LP with the proper curve will make a big difference in the strength of the sound to anyone listening, especially the freshness of the mid-high range,

Since the sound quality of the LP differs depending on the label and recording , the SV-EQ1616D cannot only turn on / off the roll-off (high frequency level attenuation
characteristic) of 1 kHz or more, but also can make fine adjustments when the roll-off is ON. Since it is also possible to control the tone, you can enjoy each LP with the
optimum sound quality.

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Wow - i am interested as i have been looking for MC phono project. Is this an ‘all tube’ design? Is there an explanation for what the knobs do? Any indication regarding price?

More information is available on this post from January of 2019: Sunvalley SV-EQ1616D -coming soon

And more in February 2019:
SUNvalley SV-EQ1616D

I'm interested, but witholding final declaration of interest until I see the price point.....
Sunvalley SV-EQ161D (phono) March 2020 + SV-PRE1616D(Line Amp) available Now

Coming April 17, 2020

Circuit type: CR type phono equalizer
· Input: 2 lines
· Output: 1 line (STEREO / MONO switchable)
· Corresponding cartridge: MM (47 kΩ), MC (50 Ω)
· MC boosting: FET head amplifier - Gain: MM 36 dB to 40 dB, MC + 25 to 32 dB (determined by trial production)
· Vacuum tube: Amplification stage: 12 AX 7 (2), Kasoforo stage: 12 AX 7, 12 AU 7, 12 AT 7 can be selected arbitrarily
· Rectifier: Standard / Diode Module, Option / Various Rectifier Tube (5AR4, 274B, 5R4 etc can be used)
· Turn-over frequency adjustment: Switchable type (corresponding to RIAA, EU type SP board, US type SP board, AES, NAB, COLUMBIA etc.)
 * Not only the turnover frequency but also the low frequency characteristics can be adjusted simultaneously for each EQ curve
· High-pass roll off adjustment: ON / OFF selection formula (ON: Continuously variable RIAA and other various curves)

For exterior (chassis size), it is the same as SV - Pre 1616D.

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Hi there - i'm looking for a phono preamp and I am considering this Sun Valley but also the ModWright 9.0. Not a fair comparison as the ModWright is much more expensive, but I'd like to better understand the adjustability offered by the Sun Valley. I understand that with Sun Valley you can adjust the turn over and roll off frequency. I do not have any pre-RIAA (eg pre-1954) records, and accordingly I don't think i have a need to use its adjustment features, whereas the ModWright has gain and MC cartridge loading adjustments which I think I would use when experimenting with different MC cartridges. Just wondering if I am missing anything regarding the Sun Valley's Turn over and Roll off adjustments and when they might come in handy? Also, other than the adjustability, are there strong features of the Sun Valley build & components that I should be aware of (eg transformer type etc) when comparing with the ModWright 9.0 (which eg uses Lundahl transformers)? I much prefer kits but want to ensure the Sun Valley is right for me.
I am posting more photos.. You will tell yourself who is better..
This phono amp is circulating in Japan for more than 2 years in the audio community. WE listen to the feedback from hese 2 years.. .

You can use different types of RECTIFIER TUBES

With ASC 2.2uf coupling cap


YOU can use sold state RECTIFIER
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