Enclosure for DD2512a

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I will have to build enclosure for Digital Designs 2512a. I will try to build one from DD site. As they say sub takes about 6L of space. Box would be made from 19mm(0.75in) MDF. I would go for 50cm x 50cm for top and bottom side, this will be base for everything else(green ones on page). Left and right sides(yellow) would be 50cm x 32cm. Back side 46.2cm x 32cm. Front(red) 39cm x 32cm, with hole= 29cm, 5cm from each side of the board.

Port(red) is 32cm x 32cm, which makes 7.2cm x 39cm x 32cm high port.

Is that ok?

I ask this because box should have about 60L or 2.25^ft, but I calculated only 47L, without port...Should I add port volume as part of box volume that sub uses? If I do that I get to 56L, that is ok, right?

Should I change anything or... comments are most wellcome

Box is build, speaker is in and it gets loud as hell, I would say over 140dB...New week I will be able use meter it...Will see then...
Never heard one 12" speaker to be loud as this and this one is only medium class
luka u use a lot the screw. i count it has 33 hole. 31 holes have the screws. u forgot to put it 2 hole. luka please u try to take the pics. i wong the beautiful pics because my program have a filter, it only want the beautiful pics to copy. it iks nok like a bad pic.(sorry my voice iks nok clear because my mom iks china)


Loooool don't tell me that you like it so much?? I didn't even finnished it yet, should at the end look like it was/should be part of trunk that it is in :D. But thank you very much... I have to say it came out pretty good if I tell you that I did only hand drawing from top (1/10 scale) to get size of sides, so I could buy them, everything else was done pretty much as it was build, about 5-8 working hours later this came out... I just wanted to build it as fast as possible, to hear the sound of speaker... First test, about 30s from when I started car, turned on headunit and selected some song from USB, sound came out and I was left :bigeyes:. All other speakers before that I heared were nothing compared to this.
ok luka valentine box in the red car. it makes me think about one song." if i promise u" from Ronan keating. luka i had ever built valentine box in valentine day. i was very happy on that time.but i spay the color iknok good. i try many time. i think that it's very difficult to spay like black piano color. ok luka that u sent me a good thing to see and make me very happy.

thanks luka/:cool:
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thank you luka and all/:cool:


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