ELEKIT TU-8900 2A3/300B (Stereophile Review Available NOW - July 2023 Edition)

Trying out Duelund tinned copper caps... Quite an upgrade on the stock caps! Will report after some hours on them.


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For Tu-8200, I can give you an extra HV 7 pin sockect. you can select 120 or 230V
TU-8900 includes 120V and 230V AC inlet unit. You can pick 120 or 230V. If you use the parts in 120V, you need to order parts for 230V ( 9 pin HV socket, C501, fuse holder, power switch and power inlet..)

I think that you will enjoy this. Previous to building the TU-8900, I built an ANK (Audio Note Kit) KIT 1 15th Anniversary Edition 300B Amplifier with expensive upgraded filter caps and a quad-core output transformer. In addition, the ANK amp is using $2,000 TungSol 300B tubes. The TU-8900 kit was assembled as I received it from you, with several upgrades to the stock kit. I wanted to compare the assembled Elekit TU-8900 to my assembled ANK Kit 1 and hear the difference between 300B tubes and 2A3 tubes, and to hear which amp sounded better. If you look at the attached photos, you will see that the amps are connected with a speaker switch, so that I could easily A/B amplifiers. I have to admit that I expected the ANK to win.
The comparison:
Elekit Wins!! I will be selling the ANK.
I am really surprised at the outcome, and realizing that I have been listening to a less than audiophile experience for years with my ANK.
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^ All well and good only he's telling us the difference between Elekit 2A3 vs ANK 300B, and obviously he couldn't do his A/B switching rig without a quad sets of matched 300B's, still I would have liked had he also compared Elekit TU8900 with 300B to the ANK 300B
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I bought the Elekit tu 8900 as a kit from VK music , with some upgrades (special output transformer, silver copling capacitor and some tantalum resistors), being a novice at soldering the unit was sent back and forewarn from Victor to me… I selected 800bWE from the supplied list and some 12bh7 from Victor.

Victor was a very passionate individual.

After a month of use I tryed the amp with diferentstubes 300bwe, 2a3 from harmonic electronic. 12bh7 from Sylvania and 12au7 from mollard, binar, nice!

I was impressed by the spl possible by that modest amplifier.

I used different speakers, Focal electra 1027 be, Snell type E III,
ZU DW6, NHT zero.2, and « Q Acoustics » Concept 50.

With the Q Acoustics concept 50 it’s a perfect match for me.

A very inviting sound, with a uge sound stage, imaging is incredible, it is like being there.

Those speakers are 90.5 db/ watt sensible with 6 ohms nominal impedance with drops under 4 ohms.

At moderate levels 70-75 db they are easy to listen to for long periode. A layback sound with luxurious mids, and a good bottom end highs are clean and detail without being to bright.
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Hi, has anyone any experience with the Wharfedale Linton Heritage with this amp, I’m currently using Frugal horns with a sub and I would like get rid of the sub and add some warmth, im not sure if it will drive them okay. It’s only a small room 12ft x 12ft and I don’t play very loud. All the reviews give me the impression that they will give me the sound I’m after but not any info on lower wattage amps.
looking for better 9 pin socket
Finally I received the shipment today from Belton Korea. 9 pin/gold plated (better quality than the stock socket.
  • With panel saddle mounting
  • Phosphorous bronze pin terminal with gold plating
  • Glassfiber filled PPS black body insulating material
  • Easy mount with collar attached socket
  • Excellent clip contact for high-end audio
$6.50 each
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About to pull the trigger for a TU-8900 and initially will use it as an integrated amp, what I'm wondering is what is involved in using a speaker level to line level to my sub? My very limited understanding is that they present such a high impedance that they don't have an adverse effect as they are in parallel.