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You are serious that you don't know Yello? These were pioneers in electronic music. Still very good albums.

No streaming, Spotify and other provider dependent stuff here. I can recommend the first 4 albums. The remastered versions are OK too.

  • 1980 - Solid Pleasure
  • 1981 - Claro Que Si
  • 1983 - You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess
  • 1985 - Stella

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Time to beg/steal/borrow the albums then :) I am into new music and try to filter the about 10% good stuff out of the pile that comes out fast and effective. Despite that I still play Yello now and then. Classics.
yello is to exact for me. i did not listen to it as it was not on the radio that time. will listen to the other albums later. i was more a Kraftwerk fan that time.

What about IM are they new to you? if yes you should probably start with this album. it is not new but it is good.

more into space sounds than Yello ;)
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Yes I was referring to their latest album "IM25" sounding (too?) much like old Yello albums. In other words: their style seems a lot like Yello but I confess I am not a big fan of them so not "into" IM. Since we speak of it I just read a review saying IM25 is an experimental album and an evolution. Well it just isn't.

Full circle discussion this :) If you like IM25 you'll probably like old Yello albums as well.
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