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    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
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    the safety precautions around high voltages.

EI E88CC...


Does anyone have knowledge and experience with EI e88CC made in Yugoslavia? Do you like it compared to Siemens or telefunken sound ?
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It is a bit confusing. You ask about EI and compare with Siemens and Telefunken, with a picture of a tube from Philips?
Where are the EI tubes from? What age? Maybe they are equivalent quality to the ones you are comparing them with since they were made in different factories to fulfill orders for the same companies in the old days.
It is a bit confusing. You ask about EI and compare with Siemens and Telefunken, with a picture of a tube from Philips?
Where are the EI tubes from? What age? Maybe they are equivalent quality to the ones you are comparing them with since they were made in different factories to fulfill orders for the same companies in the old days.
This was a simple question. A tube with the name Philips was made by a ei factory..... and interestingly, I can't see the same with a ei box. Why? Isn't it sold under its own name? Have you seen this tube with the factory name? The main manufacturer? And about the sound comparison...if anyone has used this tube can they tell me how it compares to the tel or other....where is this confusing.
I have collected e88cc tubes for some time... i have e88cc TFK, Siemens, philips e88cc and sq, Siemens e288cc. Philips and Siemens are more neutral... maybe thinner less emotional, Siemens and others has some wariants with plateholder, getter... so it is hard to predict exactly how which tube sounds. Telefunken is very dynamic, instruments are bigger, stage is little bigger... I use Siemens in tube preamps and Telefunken in line or power amplifiers... Sorry i am not familiar that all Philips e88cc was produced by EI ( so all Philips e88cc are not soundig the same) . Interesting is also EI 6dj8 ELITE, but i don"t know how they sound. I just have some EI ecc88, Mullard, Russian variants....and new production types.
Do you want to know the difference in the sound of those tubes . . .
Try them in Your amplifier.

They might not have the same difference in sound in another amplifier.

A 2 stage: E88CC and 2A3 single ended amplifier, with no negative feedback.
A 3 stage: E88CC, another dual triode tube, and KT88 push pull amplifier with 26dB of global negative feedback.
Do not expect the same differences with E88CC tube swapping in those two amplifiers

Just my Opinions.
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Buying from other factories and selling under your own name was common practice, specially when the western factories were shutting down.
I think the rule was that the 'country of manufature' was the last country where something was done (like printing your own label?). Saves on taxes.
Ei used a lot of old Philips (Mullard, Valvo etc) machinery, perhaps even supplied materials from the same suppliers as well.
The 5C is the data code which comes directly after the factory symbol.
The 7L could be printed somewhere else on the glass.
The etch codes on the few Ei tubes that I have are often very sloppy and hard to see.
It wouldn't surprise me if they are missing alltogether.
Are you getting this from the code on the glass? It does say 'Made in Holland'? So presumably it has been faked at some point? The two digit code for an E88CC is 7L, that looks like 5C (XY81)? I am still confused!
rebranded. not faked. tubes are identified by manufacture not brand.

buying from factories and selling under your own name is and has always been common practice.
most european tubes in use and in circulation have manufacturers codes etched one to the glass or stamped on tag or structure inside the bottle.
in this case the OP's phono removes any ambiguity whatsoever for those in the know.
Every tube factory that gave the tube to other for Rebrand... also gave the tube to the market under its own name. For example:Siemens gave e88cc t o .rca but we can by e88cc under the name Siemens .
Philips has given e80cc to the tel, but it is also in the market with philips name. But why .....ei e88cc .... is not in the market? Does anyone know ?
Perhaps Ei Yugoslavia did not produce SQ tubes. There might have been also a commercial agreement between Ei and Philips.
interesting. now that you mention it, ive only seen amperex NY and philips holland produce philips and amperex SQ and PQ.
but for miniwatt was used by philips for just about any european rebrand. but philips used miniwatt on many tubes, even those not otherwise branded philips.
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E88CC is not a good tube for audio (and not made for that iirc. ECC88 or E188CC are.

I have read Ei purchased old production machinery from Philips Holland and elswhere. As the machinery was old second hand and Ei produce indeed latelyy tubes with them, those tubes was not said to be very good and nowhere a true equivalent of the older made in Holland Germany and France with Philips machinery.

If a Philips made by a Philips factory, there should be a factory logo, like the Delta and so on, no ?

This looks like a rebadged tube perhaps....
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Well, you didn't read it well or someone is spreading misinformation, probably someone wanted to get the tubes that you also wanted to buy :) .
Ei was founded in 1948 and produced tubes under license from Philips with their materials and machines. The logo has varied over time, as can be seen in the picture EL84. They sound great, but they have the disadvantage of uneven characteristics so you need more of them to match.


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I think I readed it well as it was in my native language. Here in Europe all tubes amateurs knows the 3 top countries that worked with good workers and good daily care on the machines were Holland, France and Germany.
Frankly no one want to buy Ei here. That certainly does not say some years have good productions I imagine. I have an E188CC made in France (there were 2 or 3 philips plants iirc)...it sounds better than some Telefunken and Siemens. But voila, there was a hype from the usa enthusiasts on german brands just because they do not know really about off shore. And indeed as a good no sq tubes thoses e88cc are the less quiet for audio of the 3 close brothers (ecc88, e188cc) as a good industrial tube ....made in big quantity. Brands developped audio gears with the e88cc because they were easily avialable lately. They needed what ? 50 tubes before sorting out 2 half triodes that was close and charged the customers...Audio research Conrad J. And so on.
Mine is less than 5% matched from the factory and no microphonics.
Keep your Ei. What I readed is Ei worked on less good russian tools as an east europe based country and they just purchased lately old philips tools no good anymore for west europe standard. There was a wall...remember.
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