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E-MU 0404 USB - audio recorder/player 192Khz


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2009-06-28 12:28 am
Austin TX
For sale

This is the stand alone USB recorder/ player for home recording in 192 Khz to 44Khz standard. I will try to post the pictures soon. I do not have the original AC adapter, but using another wall wart supply with simple 7805 Votage regulator - This works fine in my Windows 10. I can email the copy of the distribution available or host it my google drive for download.
This uses the best ADC chip and many threads in DIYAudio shows ways to improve the capture Thd/noise performance as well as using for FFT analysis.

I expect 70$ ( i spent more but used this little as I have RTX analyzer)
plus shipping Paypal will be preferred and can ship anywhere - only constraint will be shipping costs
PM me for any questions or offers
I will also list HP339A and probably RTX Analyzer as well
location Austin TX - members can pick it up if they live close !
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2009-06-28 12:28 am
Austin TX


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