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DUAL Merus MA12070 fully balanced Amplifier pictures inside

Don't insulate anything with copper as I did. Start with the ferrite ring to the AC cable short before the plug. That alone should improve this amp quite a lot. Probably even more than insulating the internal cables. If you feel like there is still room for improvement after that, I would either insulate the SPK-cables (internal) or twist them and put some small ferrite clips to it as daniboun suggested.

I agree. You can also do the following, instead of insulating everything from inside : start to add some Ferrites like this...

If the result does not seem convincing, do it from the inside.

Really interesting ) I took a look to the SPEC CORPORATION amps, they seem to be very well made. I have to understand that the SPEC amps use Infineon chips? But at what cost ).... would you tell us more about the RSA-V10 for example ?

That being said, the MA12070 has a totally different "grain" than the TPA3255 but just like the latter, it will sound very different depending on its implementation and the components around it .... this is not a scoop)

For example, this below amp I mounted sounds different than my Sabaj A20A and yet uses the same MA12070 ... I find the same grain of the "chip" but the Sabaj sounds much better)

HI diyaudio
can some one give me a link on who to make it in a 2.1 configuration?
I know that the ma12070 chip have a 2.1 mode, but it could be done with 3 board, lets assume that i want to do a dual mono like this one..
or its better to get one of the reference aliexpress board (if you have another recomendation please let my know) as i dont need for to much power, but a 2.1 system.