Doug Self Preamp from Linear Audio #5

As promised here is a PCB and construction thread for the preamplifier as designed by Doug Self and published by Jan Didden in Linear Audio issue #5. Both gentlemen have graciously agreed to offer their support to guarantee success of this thread.

This preamplifier is especially interesting in that it includes what Doug describes as a 'comprehensive tone control', that means that both the gain and frequency hinge points for the HIs and LOs are continuously user adjustable.

For the last month I've been using this preamplifier listening to a variety of music and sources. Now that I have gotten used to having comprehensive tone controls at my fingertips I would miss them immensely if they were to disappear!

Another quality of Doug's creation is that it's quiet, so quiet that I have given up attempting to measure it's noise level with my aging AP Portable One test set. Noise level at the outputs is at or near the noise threshold of my test set.

Assuming there is sufficient interest I will offer up a kit of parts for builders amounting to the required IO and main PCBs, 6 potentiometers, 4 PCB mount RCA phono connectors, BOM and a PDF reprint of the Linear Audio article.

The cost for a 2 channel kit will be $65 plus actual cost to ship. Private message me for details if you are interested.

** NOTE that the latest project BOMs are here ...

The latest PREAMP BOM:
Dropbox -

The latest Front Panel Express files:
Dropbox -
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The IO PCB measures 260mm wide and 38mm deep.

Note the addition of RCA phono connectors and delay ON circuit that was not in the published article. The IO was purposely separated from the main PCB so as to allow users freedom choosing a chassis for the project and to allow the further development of IO greater than the single pair shown here.


The main PCB measures 260mm wide and 155mm deep.

It looks very nice. I may be interested.

For those of you that are interested in this project and want to read the article written by Doug Self as published in Linear Audio magazine ...

Jan Didden has arranged for an inexpensive download where it can be purchased here ...
Linear Audio | your tech audio resource
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Thanks Carl.

I am really looking forward to building this unit. At the moment the only additions I plan for the front panel are an on/off and an input selector. There is plenty of room on the layout in a standard chassis so it seems all systems are go.


How many inputs are you looking for George?

How many inputs are you looking for George?

Well, right now I would need one phono and one balanced input. But fur future (mainly demos) probably 2 phono and 2 balanced, in total.

I have DAC feeding the preamp with balanced output and a CD player on phono. I am sure that friends will want to try out their gear with the preamp, hence the extra inputs for convenience of switch comparisons.