dont need a DEQX, but want something similiar

My father is a VERY big Audiofile, and he has a DEQX that retails for several grand, I'm not quite up to drop that much for audio EQ. I like the adjustability of the system (better than building a hard wired Xover). Does someone make a small simple digital EQ? Something I could hook up to a computer, download an EQ and then remove the computer and keep the EQ? Be able to have a WIDE range of frequencies to choose from. The DEQX has ALOT of options which I like, I'm just not willing to pay +$5k for it.
Well looks like I may not need one after all. I'm looking into adding a small form factor embedded computer in there running XPe. This should be able to do the HardDrive play back that I wanted, plus allow options for computer EQ, room adj., etc.

Thanks for your help tho!

PS. I'm currently looking at these people right now. They also have a Pico PC thats even smaller! But this one has SATA and DVI so it's an all in one for me.