DIY Speaker Case issues


2016-05-10 9:38 am
Hi, I have the following issues for my build

1) Runs on a 24V Li Battery, when switch on, i need to power on and off 2 times, to power on the amp.

2) When i power on there is a "Boom" sound, how do i remove this "Boom".

3) My charging input and and power output is connected in parallel in the circuit, when charger is connected, speaker on, i can hear background noise, meaning that i can direct charge and on the speaker, how can i remove this?



2016-05-10 9:38 am
Hi, Im a noob here.
Build my first speaker case

The design diagram

I have the following issues:
1) When i switch on, there is a "Thud" on the the drivers, how to i get rid of this?
2) All my audio input goes through the tone control, in this case there is a NOISE i can here from the drivers, even if i put the Noise filter after the tone control, but if i connect direct input to noise filter to amplifier there is no noise.
Is there a better way?

More picture here:


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to solve your particular problem towards thumping and transient issues on turn on / off, you can try to build a simple start up delay circuit for your speakers. This should take care of the thumping noises. For my case of LM1875 gainclone too having this issue when using in tandem with KA2223 equalizer, after DIY building a startup delay circuit all the noise when on and off were gone ...