DIY Sony VFET pt 1

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Well, happy to report the patients are out of surgery and look to have recovered well. In the process I discovered that a hot air pencil is the perfect tool for heating and removing multi-legged fuses & friends. It took only 15-20sec of heating on the back side of the PCB before the little Toshibas popped right out. It also worked well for something else I'd been ignoring, flipping an ALPS pot I'd mis-installed, so a happy lesson learned.
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Dennis, were you referring to the Toshiba K370/J108 pairs? These are what came in my kit. I believe these have the same internals as the larger packaged 2SK170/2SJ74 but I'm not certain. Would love knowing if the ones I have are Drain-Source symmetrical or not, I couldn't tell from the online partial spec sheet I found.

I would like if possible to have one or two Sony 2SK82 Vfet in order to reassemble my second CSX1.

If necessary, I can give you in exchange two 2SJ28 KF-33, KE-33 that I have left in my stock.

Ready to pay any price to find my second CSX1.

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One of the last of the P-channel DIY Sony VFETs is built up now & singing. Done just in time for Christmas too. How cool is that? :santa2:

(Eternally grateful not only to Papa for the lottery gift of the OS, FE and PSFILT kits at BAF2022, but to Gianluca for re-opening the chassis production, to 6L6 for the build guide, and to ZM for his modifications- note this one has M4 studs holding the T-bars to the heat sinks.)


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