• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Did a real nice find

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Telefunken EL34s. Its written 0-450 V 325 mA on the B+ out, it has a knob with 3 modes, 500 mA, 500 V and 250 V, a knob for voltage adjustment and a knob for adjustment of a output with negative voltage (can be used for bias) that is -150 V 30 mA. It also has a switch with the modes 0-200 V and 200-450 V, a switch to turn off the high voltage outputs while the 2A and 6A 6.3 volt outs is still on.
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You're making me cry... :bawling: That's too beautiful!

Don't put them in a exibith. Send them to me instead! :D

Really... build an amp with those...

Tip: you already have the power supply now! you need only some sockets, some OTs, and some passive components and your smokin' SE of EL34 will deliver astonishing sound performance... ;)
I amp driving my 6L6GC amp with the ps, even the bias voltage is taken from the bench power supply. The EL34s in the ps is the only ones i got, i´m gonna buy two more and a OPT for a mono amp i gonna build to my woof box. The tubes in the PS looks like new, old used tubes use to have a plate looking kinda like a metal plate after welding but these look like they havent been used very long.
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You lucky thing. That will be a very useful power supply. Think hard before you do any swapping of valves. If you do swap, a slight redesign to use 807 (dead cheap) is probably the way to go. (Tries to remember if 807 are 6.3V heater - just checked - it is.)
Yeh, I say take out those Telefunkens and keep them somewhere safe for a later amp or eBay, and fill that power supply up with some SOVTEKs or whatever. I highly recommen keeping that power supply intact and fixing it up a little - it will be very useful for you on the bench. I would replace the electrolytic capacitors if i were you.I have a solid state 0-450 (actually goes to 500) volt @ 150 (actually goes up to 200+ before current limit) power supply with 0-100 volt negative bias (regulated at a couple Ma) that shares a common ground with the HV, a 6 volt, 3 amp winding (floats), a 6-0-6 volt winding at 3 amps (floats), a built in 2 amp variac, and a 0-40 volt, 0-1 amp (floating) power supply for solid state work. The 0-40 volt has an adjustable current limiter. The 0-40 and HV supplies have vernier controlls, and everything is circuit breakered. I find a power supply like this to be VERY useful - I use mine every day.
Yes, in fact Sovteks have the bad attitude to make amps sound dull. Or pwr supplies regulators just more efficient.

Anyway, for any application that isn't audio Sovteks are extremely good. I've also seen their 5881 (known to be undestructible - even at 100W plate dissipation :hot: ) in a transformer - coupled motor driver for strange things.... 16 of them drive a 500W motor...
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