desktop driver comparison


2010-06-04 1:36 am
Wondering how small could diy PC speakers be and still do the job, I gathered three pairs of 3" full-range drivers expected to do well enough in aprx 1-liter (70cm^3) PE mdf sealed/stuffed enclosures and experimented.

Veneer left-over from previous projects was used to finish, from left to right, Peerless 830987 in rosewood, Aurasound (I don't recall the model but were on sale $6 about a year ago) in padauk and Hi-Vi C3N-III in jarrah. I listened with both a t-amp and a PP el-84.

By far and away the Peerless sounded best, and maybe should have at $25 and more than twice the price of either of the two other pairs. Surprisingly good for such tiny cabinets really...clear highs and mids, sharp transients, strong bass/punch and relatively high SPLability.

It was hard choosing between second and third. Without woofer help, though, the Hi-Vis get the edge for a fuller bottom end. With a subwoofer I preferred the Aura's with nicer hi freq detail.

Building and finishing was more work than expected, but listening to the them all is great fun. My right shoulder is sore from sawing veneer and sanding. After a little break from construction, the next project will be ONE pair of larger FRDs in hi-quality birch ply that won't need finishing....




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