Design me a crossover and I'll build it

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Need a crossover for a center channel I want to build this summer.

See attached for a pic of the front baffle. Volume is likely to be 1-1.25 ft^3, sealed. Front baffle dimension is 8"x20" WxL.

Drivers are:

Vifa DQ25SC16-04
Fountek FR88EX
2x Silver Flute W17RC38-08

The unit will be below ear level but can be tilted up to have its forward axis meet the ears.

Not looking to spend too much, as you can see from the driver selection. I am OK with steel-core inductors but would prefer poly caps. I expect the crossover points should be somewhere around 2 kHz and 400 Hz. Slopes are up to you.


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This is where I'm at right now. Will tweek some more after work.


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I didn't see your image before, but yes you should tilt the speaker up at least 5 degrees. The mid needs 4 liters sealed, the woofers each need 10 liters with a 2" x 6.5" port for each woofer.

I like how this thread has a 1 star rating. Sorry for simulating a design for this guy :rolleyes:

(I didnt see any iron core inductors on Solen, but you if you find an 18ga iron core I would use that on the woofer for a much cheaper solution)


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Acoustic slopes are: Woofer 2nd order LR, The mid HP is also 2nd order LR. The mid LP is 4th order LR, and the tweeter's also 4th order LR. Crossover points are 470 hz and 3700 hz. The Fountek is going to be the shining star, covering everything important.

You can try sealed, but I wouldnt advise it. There will be an impedance peak from the woofers right where the inductor is also causing a peak, which might lead to a boomy sound. You would only need 2" clearance behind the speaker for the 2" port to function properly. You could also drop down to four 1" x 7" ports for each woofer, then you would only need 1" clearance behind the speaker.
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