Denafrips Terminator II WIMA Caps

Looking for opinions. I'm a new owner of a Denafrips T2 DAC. Interesting piece, what is also interesting is their choice of WIMA caps. MKS from what I can tell are used in the filtering section, and I think FKP on the output. I've had mixed to poor results with WIMA polyester in the past, maybe in the filter section they might be ok, augment/bypass the electrolytic bank, but on the output and/or coupling the DAC resistor ladder, I would have chosen different if I were designing maybe.

Interested in opinions. I was looking at some Charcroft Audio Silver Mica as a possible FKP replacement, fitting MKP will be tough and wouldn't want to make a mess of it visually. Some polys in the filter section would have been nice, what are the thoughts on this? It's as good as it gets with WIMA MKS/FKP?


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I played with MKS & MKP long time ago. Mks as I recalled had a heavier tone with not good highs but looking at the multitude
of parallel capacitors, my guess is that the mks are used not only as bypass but also to balance out the sound. Regardless of what others
may think, in my humble tweaking & moddding experience PS is a very important part in achieving good SQ. Btw contrary to what many
might think, low esr is not the be it all in PS, a balance has to be achieve at different supply locations to achieve good sound
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From my work 100% agree. Where it's clear, at least to me, the difference in film caps in PS towards SQ. Interested in the output FKP - at least I think they are. Wondering what a high grade mica might do there - like Charcroft w/ silver leads, etc. Fitting MKP will be tough and not sure 100pF.
Well I’m interested in opinions, subjective or otherwise. I myself don’t have an analyser, although from many projects have developed preferences and ideas on components. The Charcroft Silver Mica seem like an interesting offering and suspect a better SQ experience than Wima FKP, particularly right on the signal. Interested in other experiences, for or against this idea. Increasingly I’m of the opinion WIMA are not the last word in SQ despite how many manufacturers use them - FKP, MKS, MKP etc. and may even prefer Epcos MKP, but have had excellent results with Mica in general from past projects, although mostly CDE micas.
CDE good stuff. Im not one who looks or measures components. I listen for changes but I always tweak 1 spot at a time.
Audio tweaking/mods to me is like cooking, add to much of 1 seasoning you offset the taste, hence my suggestion is to parallel
onto the Fkp to have a listen first.
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I have a question for the group. Based on what you see on the analogue side of the board, would anyone see any reason why I couldn't replace some of those 4.7uF wima with smaller value PP or Mica caps of my choosing? It doesn't appear as though if there were a variance in capacitance, in this pooled configuration it would make much difference.

Envisioning a nice mix of some existing MKS, but MKP, Mica and Polystyrene mixed.
As a manufacturer its paramount to make their products look & sound good at a price point RickySnit.
There's nothing stopping you from using more expensive parts to tweak. The main question is, will it
sound better or ? Tweaking is a matter of experimentation, what works on 1 circuit may not produce
the same result on another. Moral of it is instead of asking & pondering, one just have to try it out.
In anycase it's all reversible. Oh yes looking at the huge amount of Uf values being used, a change of just
1 pc per PS supply of 4.7uf cap to a lower value will not reduce ripple rejection performance etc.

All true. I have been on an 'anything but WIMA' kick lately, and it hasn't let me down. I too have reservations about MKS; I'd classify them better than electrolytic in SQ, but clearly have their somic limitations. I ended up replacing the FKP with Charcroft Silver Mica 100pF and this brought forward a nice but modest boost in all aspects of sound dynamics, although worthwhile. If I stagger some nice .1uF (physical size considerations) in place of a few (4-5) WIMA 4.7uF in the bank, I'd be interested to see what this brings. On the underside, I had already bypassed the 22uF with some polystyrene. And you're right, some things one just needs to try..
At times its use to balance out the sound. I recall the early days in my diy journey read too much, this cap & that wow
all fleshy reviews guess what, after upgrading wazzzz sound became thin & slim, bass became weak with no tone.
just start with Mundorf at PS for output stage 1st as bypass, do not remove or change any other parts.
When I tweak I do 1 spot at a time.

IC decoupling may not matter that much for what I'm after... My EVOs arrive soon, let's see. I already got rid of the output FKP with Mica, my anticipation is incremental improvement over that, which was a little more than subtle but not night/day. I appreciate what you're saying and it's good advice to anyone reading this thread is to not get over zealous - one shot, boom, 5 things at once.. It's a real thing, to have to revert some changes, certainly I've done that before - and usually in the case of having a more detailed but thin (maybe at times harsh!) tone. Tone and lower frequency extension is a delicate and precious thing to enhance and preserve.,