D AMP is back !!!

Hi everyone,

D amp Proto is running fine !

Dead time adjustments made...sound is great !

here are some pics of the proto:

post filter output voltage ripple [email protected] 250kHz

no shoot through anymore ;-)

thanks Fredos


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Hi luka,

filter corner frequency is around 25kHz, and triangle wave is 250kHz
so one decade away...
LC filter is second order so 40dB/decade attenuation
So fundamental amplitude of output pre filter square wave is divided by 100 (40 dB)
so it should be around 2Vpp (instead of 4vpp).

DC bus voltage is +/-82V at idle
and +/- 74V at max power 4 ohms load


2004-12-25 12:24 pm
A much more promising device

Check This Out


Series Schottky Silicon Carbide Diode + Anti Parallel Fast Recovery Diode + NTC+ 200V 100A Mosfet in HalfBridge all in one isolated package and also low EMI radiation

makes this device an ideal for high power Class-D Audio amps...I am going to order these for sample evaluation....



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2007-01-07 4:16 pm

makes this device an ideal for high power Class-D Audio amps

Hmmm... I wouldn't say ideal.
Check capacitances (input capacitance: 14nF) and the diodes characteristics...
Not really suitable output device for class-d amp.
I'd rather use simple high power mosfets. There are many good devices on the market.
The choice is yours!

All the best,

PS.: I'm really courius about the amplifiers that manufactured by your company, I prefer studying hi-power technology. Shall you give us the web-address of your audio company?