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Custom extruded heat sinks UK made


2013-06-11 3:39 pm
Two sizes of very high quality heat sinks cut from 300mm wide extruded aluminium with 40mm deep fins. Manufactured by ABL in the UK. Cut slightly smaller than standard 2U and 3U format as I wanted slimmer cases for projects.

All metal is black anodised brand new and spotless.

4 off 70mm length - £25 a pair or £50 for all 4.

2 off 110mm length - SOLD

Postage UK £5

Payment by Paypal.


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20 fins on a 10mm backplate 200wide by 100mm tall gives Rth s-a of ~0.55C/W @ delta T= 75C
30 fins on 300 wide will be quite a bit lower.
reducing the height from 100mm to 70ish will increase by ~ sqrt(100/70) ~1.2
I would expect the 70mm Rth s-a ~ 0.45 to 0.5C/W
and the 110mm ~0.35 to 0.4C/W
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