Crunch GTX3000D

Crunch mono help please

I have a Crunch amp, but all power fets (FQP65N06) burned.
The driver board too...
I will replace fets, but what parts replace in the driver board?
What is the reason that (BE 317) burned?
Marked BE317 transistor similar?
Marked T4 diode similar?
Marked G1 transistor similar?
Replace FPQs to STP60NF06?
Please help me Perry :)
Many thanks!
(Sorry for my english)


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I replace Fets (to IRF1010E) and BE (to 2sb1123t) transistors, but the ps not start.
The total current ~200mA
(supply voltage 12,5V)
All Fet voltage in G leg is 0V, D: 12,5V, S: 0V
Driver board voltages:
1: 0,79V JRX
2: 90mV Comp
3: 90mV U1_3
4: 12,5V
5: 11,8V
6: 0V GND
7: 12,5V
8: 4,45V E2
9: 4,45V E1
10: 3,65V TH
11. 0V Prot
And relay clicking, but power and protect led no light.