Crimson Elektrik PCB's

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Hi There
I am new to "forums" as a research tool, so I hope I am making the correct moves here????

I have just re-discovered my old Crimson set up. This consists of a 510 preamp and 2 x power amps. I built the power amps in 1978-79 and I have no idea what power they supply.
The PCB's have markings on them but I cannot trace any info' regarding output and resistance. The markings all start with 35-53. On the back of the PCB there are 2 x marks, one is 35-350 or 35-35"O" and the other is 35-53A. On the component side the marking is 35-53B. Does anyone recognise these and could you supply the output details.

My wife has just purchased 2 x Linn Isobarik DMS speakers for me, I have had to wait over 25 years for these, and I would love to play my music through the Crimson system. Are these compatible with the Crimson??

Lastly. I have become lazy in my dotage and most of my music is in MP3 format on my PC's. These are powerful machines with good audio output. Would it be feasible to play the MP3 through the Crimson and the "Bricks"???

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.
Can you put up a decent picture of the board? Peter Powell of Crimson is still about and may see your post.
I'm not sure the board markings will definitely identify the actual amp module as a I suspect the '35-53' is just a pcb number and the same pcb was probably used for most of the different amp modules, with some different component values. The size of the transformer and the output voltage taps being used may be more useful to work out the output power.
... and through the 'bricks it will sound awful

If they are the boards from late 70's/early 80's then they are probably 100w in to 4ohm (I had a pair from that era. Wish I still had them. A recap and new PS and they would be fantastic) Should be powerful enough for the 'bricks.
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The OP asked for information about his amps, not opinions about digital music formats.

Quite so, and it was his first post - not much of a welcome was it!

I found here that the Linn Isobarik DMS is rather low impedance - 4 Ohms or less. You can hook up the Crimson's and you'll get sound out of them and it shouldn't cause any damage as the Crimsons are load line limited. Really you need the 4 ohm modules to drive those speaker, CE1004 or CE1704.

If I get some time this weekend I'll scan the original Crimson instruction booklet that I got with my CE1708 modules in Jan 1980. It covers all their amp modules at the time. It might help you sort it out.
Hi there
Thanks for the input guys. I have attached a pic to this message and will send another as they are both over 2mb and if there is a restriction on size then 2 would not be sent.


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The second pic is attached.

In reply to the knocker. I do have all my original music on CD but as my family grew, 5 kids, I had less and less room for my music gear. However I could play them through my headcans, PC speakers and mobile phone. This meant transferring them all to MP3. I used the highest rating I could and, to my untrained ear, they didn't loose any of their appeal.

Hope the pcs help you guys to solve my dilemma.

Thanks again


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I think AndrewT is right. 4x2N3773 makes sense for CE3004, the CE1708 only has 2x2N3773. If any Crimson amp can drive the Linn Isobarik's then it's the CE3004.
Are you sure you built them in late 70's? I thought the CE3004 was rather later, certainly they are not listed in Crimson's 1979 price list.
The PCB is a Crimson CE3004. It can drive loads down to 2.7 Ohms so can drive pretty well any speaker. Intended for +/- 60 V it can deliver up to 250W into 4 Ohms depending on the PSU. The sensitivity is 775mV. This PCB has a date code of week 33 of 1983 and would benefit from new electrolytic caps. I do service work on theses PCBs if required.

I am attaching a link to the schematic:-

I agree with the comments that MP3 files are not ideal. WMA files give better quality but FLAC files are the best. Myself I use SACD as the source via the Crimson 710:-

Austin Hifi Inc. | Crimson Amplification
Thanks for the information, I know what I have now. I do remember being told that these PCB's would drive inefficient speakers, and that seemed to be important at the time.

At this stage of my life I will not be attempting any repairs myself. Back in the 80's I built these as I was doing an electronics course for a specific need at BAE. I have read other threads and all the discussions regarding Caps, Sensitivity, etc., are over my head I am afraid. My Audio/Electrical knowledge was meagre in the 80's and now it is none existent.

Would you advise renovation prior to connecting these to my bricks? I am an impatient man and can't wait to hear the music through a proper medium.
Crimson set up

Mr Powell renovated the Crimson Pre and Power amps and they are driving my bricks. Now I have the system that I have wanted for years. I would appreciate advice on how I input/originate my music for this system.
I am using FLAC files kept on a USB hard drive. This is connected to a Western Digital "Live TV" media player that delivers the media through the Crimson Pre-amp. I wondered if the WD unit can handle the files well enough to produce sound that the Crimson can amplify?
I do remember that the old adage was "crap in crap out", regardless of the speakers and amplifiers.
Thanks guys.
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