Components-forms do affect signal, sound? A response offer:

Are you still a devotee of astronomer Halton Arp, he of the 'redshift controversy'?

Stick to the Electrophysics, cumbb.

Then I can share my expertise on topics such as magnetically confined plasma, high power sources of coherent and pulse radiation and the interaction of radiation with plasmas and solids, nonlinear dynamics and chaos, lasers, nonlinear and quantum optics, quantum dots and nanophotonics, optical communication and computation, plasmonics, solar energy conversion, bioelectromagnetics, magnetics and spintronics. :mischiev:
Why not more interested in this thread:
Why does a TO-3 case sound different, if it has been modified as shown with the picture?
Anyone making that kind of modification to a TO-3 cased part in the interest of making it sound better does not inspire confidence in what they say about how resistors and capacitors sound.

The only TO-3 mod that makes any sense is this one. Other than decapitation, which is just the iron clad test of whether a batch is real or fake. The idea was to prevent a loud BANG when 65V gets applied to the heat sink. It was a tight fit.


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