Clueless noob: Volume knob with configurable display?


2019-10-24 12:53 pm
So, I have no idea how to make, find or purchase something like this. Maybe it already exists? Maybe it's easy to make? Let's find out:

Short explanation: I want a physical volume knob with a display that can be configured to display values of my choosing.

Slightly longer explanation: Most volume knobs with displays have a -99 to 0dB range of adjustment. That it all well and good. But what I want is a display that show the actual dB(A) SPL value. This means that I'd be calibrating the volume knob so that 60dB on the knob is equal to 60dB at the desired location in the room.

So basically I want a volume knob, with a little digital display that shows the actual calibrated sound pressure in dB.

Is it possible, and if so, is there anyone that can point me in the right direction?
Problem is, actual room SPL depends on a lot of factors, including unpredictable program level, so any SPL display based only on knob position is meaningless.

IF vitaly important, add a microphone, an SPL meter circuit and a suitable display to your spund system.

Or use ther proper App in your smartphone but remember to calibrate it first.
This is an intriguing idea really, and I have at least had some thoughts in my head.
Many years ago I suffed a single led in a knob and had a) a Power On indicator and b) an indicvator of volyme setting.

The real thing however is to have a VU.meter in the knob like in my pics below.
You stuff a number of LEDs, if possible multicolor that gets information from the VU-circuits, through a microcontroller that also keeps track of the rotation of the know and makes sure that the display is always "level". I added the '1' to just indicate where the dent (on a standard knob) is at a few volumes.

I am sure that this can be done and whenever I get further down my MUST-DO-list, I have to see what can be done and how.

Not really what you were looking for, but ... well ... anyhow ...


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