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My new fully balanced amp based TAS5342 output stage and UcD type modulation.
TAS5342 working in PBTL mode. Max output power 100W@4Ohm, 150W@2Ohm.
In the 0.1W-P/2 output power range at full audio frequency bandwidth, distortion is less than 0.001%.


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This is my last build. I am going to replace the ADAU1701 board with the ADAU1466 DSP soon.


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Hypex Nilai500DIY

Had to improvise to make it fit into a wall mounted BESTÅ cabinet from IKEA (WxHxD: 56x32x20 cm):
  • 90 degree banana plugs and XLR's.
  • External standby switch, the amp is resting on the front plate where it originally was.
  • Removed the top cover for those nice LED's, an accidental PSU touch just clears my ears.. /s
  • Adjustable voltage regulator in the green box to control the USB-powered exhaust fan.
I have installed a second PSU in my Hypex Nilai amplifier, effectively making it a dual mono block.

More info can be found over at ASR:



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Here is another class D build using TPA3255. I needed a 4 channel amp delivering about 200 w/ch@4 ohms. After some searching found an old Anthem receiver for cheap locally - not working to use it's chasis. All guts were removed, a toroid wound for required voltage. The toroid is 400 VA, so it would not hold all channels on max. power sinus. However, normally music has quite high peak to average ratio and it works fine.
In order to make it easier for solving ground problems two separate windings with split paths for bridge rectifiers & caps are used for each board, containing a stereo amp. Heat sinks were also improved by adding some aluminium sections.
Also in bottom of second picture there are ground loop breakers shown. It's an idea from Rod Elliott sound pages.
The boards used were "Sure Electronics AA-AB32504" which is actually a BDM-8 amp from chinese. However, bluetooth interference/hiss could be heard which is not ideal. So I physically removed bluetooth boards from both amps. It's possible because BDM-8 has a switch on-board that routes signal directly to TPA-3255, bypassing BP1048B2 bluetooth chip. So it looks like it's better to use BDM-8A as it does not have the extra chip included.
On top there is a bluetooth received & DSP, the ESX-QM66SP and all of that is used to drive a semi-active speakers.
Was quite fun to do : )



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