Clamp for Marantz CD player

Recently I bought this transport replacement for my Marantz CD 67 mk II SE

For Philips Laufwerk VAM 1202 VAM 1201 CDM 12.1 CDM 12.2 Original- ** Neuware ** | eBay

The original mechanism failed to read several CDs and other issues.

The problem is that the original clamp rings do not seem to fit the new part.

As a result CDs spin off-center and vibrate when playing.

OTOS the Marantz now reads CDs that it didn't read before.

Has anyone replaced this mechanism in their Marantz and had a similar problem?

I already contacted the eBay seller for a solution, but I don't expect them to do anything about it. eBay sellers are much less caring that what they were in the past.


2006-02-08 8:40 pm
This shouldn´t happen, as Philips as disctables have strict guidelines.
So if it really was a VAM1202, maybe the magnet in the disctable is missing?


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It's a long time ago now but I seem to remember back in the day when I was changing these for a living there was a point that Philips when supplying the Traverse Mech as a Spare part supplied a new Clamper as the design of the platter changed.

Maybe you have an 'original' Clamper and the new Mech (original Philips or chinese copy?) is of the new design?
Maybe look for a new-ish Player, broken on ebay, which may have the new design Clamper?