Central OB subwoofer with two 12": vertical or horizontal?


2008-02-22 1:21 pm

I got a bunch of old Philips 6" fullrangers lately and want to use them on a thin dipole OB and augment the lower octaves with a central OB woofer.

I want to try this with two Foster 12" I have. They have a Qts of 0.55. While not as high as the typical OB woofers, it should still be nice and very tight, with Bessel-like characteristics.

Question is this: should I mount the two woofers vertically or horizontally? I'm leaning towards a vertical arrangement at the moment, for aesthetics and footprint concerns.

I could try to flip the baffle and try the two arrangements before I install wings and see what I like best.

Any thought?

I would go horizontal and close to the floor i've tried both ways and horizontal seems to give better response - this is with not wings though.

It's pretty easy to try both arrangements though

It wont be too hard to try I would also suggest that you try the 6" without a baffle and see what you get your 12's should play high enough to match with the 6" and non baffled they should sound better.


2008-05-13 3:30 am
if you look at gainphile works here Gainphile or on the multiway section of this forum you can find something about phase problems matching separate woofers distant from narrow baffles, i think the fact is you are going to mix them at realtively high frequencies say you'll get those FR alone somewhere beetween 200-400hz i think