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I have an "Audio Pro CD.7" cd player. And I want to have balanced output (XLR), so I'm thinking of doing some mods to my current CD player until I get money to buy a new one. Right now the + output and the - output of the DAC goes through a bunch of OP-amps and RC filter. So I'm thinking of taking the +/- output signals (0,8V RMS) from the DAC (Panasonic MN6474 with built in digital filter with 4x oversampling) and feed it directly to a balanced linestage with 100k input impedance.. What do you think about this? I know I have to be carefull so that I don't destroy the DAC. But this should work quite good shouldn't it? I don't need to filter the out the noise coming from the DAC do I, the rest of the audio components in the chain should do that... BTW: The noise should be somewhere around 176,4kHz, that is way above audible!

Perhaps the best thing would be to build a new analog output stage, but I want to things to be as simple as possible.
I've also seen a lot of DAC designs without filtering, just using a transformer at the output to convert the balanced signal to singel ended..

Audio Pro CD.7 similar to NAD 502 and 514

An enhancement of sound quality you will get by replace the NE5532 through LME49720, as I note last week.
Also similar model is the AMC CD-8b


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