CamillaDSP - Cross-platform IIR and FIR engine for crossovers, room correction etc.

REW doesn't seem to let one choose subdevice which (based on what might appear to be feedback recorded) suggests it is recording itself.
I am not sure I understand. If you are just trying to analyze REW output via aloop, REW runs fine with a single aloop.
Yes I use single device aloop at other times so I am using 2 aloop pairs exactly as @Henckel suggests, rew doesn't appear to allow selection of specific subdevices so I am not sure exactly what it is doing but my guess is some feedback loop. Hence thought of asking here to see if anyone has such a thing working before I post on avnirvana
rew doesn't appear to allow selection of specific subdevices
Do you really need subdevices selection? See my example - loopback works fine, just select the corresponding card->device (not subdevice). I have a few loopback devices and all are available in REW:

Also, newer REW supports alsa PCM devices, allowing you to define any device in your .asoundrc and use it in REW. Those devices are prefixed with PCM:

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for context, someone asked me to implement which I've done so now just doing some quick tests to check
in case anyone is interested, there's an initial release of this linked from . I don't use camilladsp myself so I implemented it using some assumptions about pipeline layout that perhaps don't hold in real life. If anyone wants to comment or suggest changes then feel free to add to that issue or create new ones.
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