Burning Amp 2021 - Oct 16 & 17th, Fort Mason SF

Offering to assist.

The Chico Audiophile club has been present at the last 2 in person events, and as non official spokesperson for the group I'd like to offer my/our help in organizing the in person event next year. In 19' someone asked us to "host a room" we came prepared to do so, only to find no recollection of anyone ever having made the offer. Rather disappointing...
Having had a solid 2 year break from showing our hifi gear I'm sure everyone is eager to get back together and see what our friends have cooked up.
The Chico Audiophile Club would like to formally offer to host a room and assume whatever financial commitments that entails in order to facilitate a space for home builders to show off what they have built, and talk about what they have learned in doing so.
Anyone currently or formerly employed by, or who owns an audio company will be limited to the audience.
In my past experience I've noted that the most impressive builders, sort of keep to themselves.
I'd like to facilitate some smaller talks and demonstrations from people who maybe don't gravitate to the microphone, but have new and relevant perspectives on audio. Basically I want some new perspective...

I'll repeat We are willing to sponsor a room, financially and volunteer to organize talks and demonstrations.
We will be coming from about 4 hours away and we usually bring 2 rigs. If theres organization meetings or an organizing group, we would love to be a part of it.
We have resources, we're nearby, and theres enough on y'alls plate that you should not hesitate to delegate.

Keep up the good work and it was nice to see some familiar faces.
Can't wait for the real thing.

Great first day! Many thanks to all :grouphug: