Building the NC DIY AUDIO 2010 Budget 2-way Monitor

I am happy to announce that this project is ready to roll! I want to thank Adam at Madisound and Jack Hidley (formerly of NHT) for making all of this possible. Also many thanks to Mark K and Jeff Bagby for their help with crossover design feedback during development.


The NC DIY AUDIO 2010 Budget 2-way is a small, high-performance sealed bookshelf speaker using a 5.25" woofer and a 1" tweeter. The crossover was designed by Jeff Bagby. Distortion measurements done on the drivers by Mark K (see link below) show that both provide excellent bang-for-the-buck performance! The speaker's frequency response should be within +/- 2dB above 150Hz. Output below 100Hz is limited - a subwoofer with a 2nd order or higher crossover at 150Hz is recommended for realistic bass output levels and accurate, low distortion, full-range reproduction.

There is a thread about this project with measurements and the crossover schematic at Mark K's website:
NC DIYAUDIO 2 way budget project

For more info on how to purchase and build this speaker, please refer to the following build thread:
Building the NC DIY AUDIO 2010 Budget 2-way Project - Techtalk at

Let the building begin!

fully-assembled crossovers now available

These beauties are available from Madisound, specifically for this project and ready to use.

See this post for info on how to order the crossovers.