Build This MoFo!

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Pre-BAF appetizer project posted. Enjoy :)

Build This MoFo!

EDIT: (6L6, Jan ‘23) above link is dead, here is link to the article -

Hope to see you at BAF! Don't forget admission is free for everyone who brings a project.

Let us know what you're bringing in in this thread:

What are you bringing to Burning Amp 2017?

IMPORTANT NOTE: A Zener diode from the MOSFET Gate to Source is needed to protect the MOSFET from inductor "kickback" I got away without this when using MOSFETs with high maximum VGS and lower supply voltages, but had not anticipate the range of FETs, inductors, and supply voltage that might be used. Even when the stars align, it's too close to not consider the Zener mandatory.

There's already a place for this diode on the PCB sold here in the store. When my stars align, I'll update the article pdf.

In the meantime, my good mentor PRR has provided some illustrative filler:
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Some pics :)


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great wrriting , as usual , Mr. Nice Guy :)

you got me there , 'till the page 6 ...... I was bitching how I don't have (anywhere near ... or nowhere) bowling/electronic surplus 24/7 place .........

so , Kudos , that's what I can call - Twisted Mind

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That's why ZM sends his nephew to pick up the "take out"

yeah ...... remember .... I was always rooting to just let me near Papa's Ark

(I believe you have (across The Pond) same joke- Scientist , Philosopher and Engineer ; problem with extremelly big room , naked beauty in centre of the room , and how to reach it , in every step taking exactly half of distance .... ? )


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MOFO sing with charming voice

Is now few hours I play music through MOFO amp with a high gain triode preamp and class A audio source. IRFP240 is the horse not IRFP250.My first impressions are Easy, Quick and Fun point to point build with what I have found in a drawer today. PSU = 24 Volt bias = 2,5 A is big 193V Hammond version. Amplifier with his own character :note:
Thanks Michael is BAF projects who make me happy :cheers::house::deerman:


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