Bought wrong PT, how can I save this project?


2016-03-07 8:17 pm
I want to resurrect a project I started many many years ago and back burnered. I have these major components: 272fx, 1650r, and 5881s. My original plan was a guitar amp with 4 - 5881 power amp section. I built a mosfet dual adjustable power supply so I could play with different levels designing the preamp/poweramp, roughly 80v-150v and 250-390. I didn't get much further than that.

Doing some searching, it appears that 272fx is for low wattage amps and I think I will starve it trying to power up output tubes.

My question is, could I build a lower power project using the parts I have resulting in a 2 5881 Push Pull PA or would I have to downsize the output transformer? My initial thought is the 1650r would just be overkill but still functional.